About Gwen

Gwen Greenway

Gwen Greenway is the owner and operator of the Gwen Greenway Music School which she established in North Vancouver, BC in 1980. Her musical background is an extensive one, including studies at both McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and at York University in Toronto, Ontario. While at York, Gwen majored in Piano and Harpsichord, with a secondary major in Southeast Indian Drumming. Gwen holds an A.R.C.T. from the Royal Conservatory of Music, which is the most widely recognized teaching certificate in North America. She has also received certification from the Associated Board of Jazz Teachers in London, England.

When her hands have not been busy tickling the ivories, Greenway has co-developed and published three sets of Music History Flashcards which are sold in music stores across Canada.

Additionally, she has published a keyboard book entitled 'Basic Keyboard Principles'. This is a lesson and reference book which incorporates the teaching of Pop and Jazz piano styles. It has just gone into its second printing.

Gwen's latest book, 'Undercover' contains 16 original songs with note to note transcriptions of all the improvised solos on the CD.

Her first CD, entitled Undercover 'In the Shade' , has been released. This work is comprised of Gwen's original compositions, while the lyrics were written by her husband, Ken Mayo. Look for an eye-catching photograph of her Lovebird, "Peaches", on the cover of the new CD!

Gwen's Resume
  • Music Composer, Arranger
  • Sound Engineer
  • Certified piano teacher, jazz, pop, classical, song-writing, harmony and theory
  • Strong organizational and management skills
  • Creator of specific workshops for songwriting, television themes, and jingles
  • Writer of "Undercover" piano book. This book contains all of the lead sheets from the CD as well as a note to note transcription of all the solos!
  • Writer of "Basic Keyboard Principles" - a lesson and reference book for pop and jazz students
  • Writer, composer, producer, and arranger of the CD "In the Shade", by Undercover
  • Publisher and distributor of Music History Flashcards Designer and teacher of "Playing the Piano by Ear, The Key!" offered at Capilano College
  • Pianist in a ten-piece band aboard the Starlight Dinner Train
  • Director of the electronic music program at the Arbutus Club, Vancouver
  • On-going studies in piano for professional development which have included lessons with the following professional pianists: Lloyd Abrams (jazz piano and composition), Bob Murphy (jazz piano), Bob Doyle (jazz piano), Kim Darwin (jazz piano), and the late Kathy Kidd (Latin/Afro jazz piano)
  • Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, England, certificate in teaching jazz piano (created and taught by Charles Beale)
  • Bullfrog Recording School, Vancouver, B.C., certificates in Recording Engineering
  • Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C., electronic music composition (taught by Barry Truax)
  • Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Ontario, Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (A.R.C.T.) in piano (taught by Carol Jutte)
  • York University, Toronto, Ontario, bachelor of fine arts majoring in music (piano and harpsichord-harmony taught by Peggy Samson, with a secondary major in southeast Indian drumming-taught by Trichy Sankaran)
  • McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, bachelor of music program (majoring in piano, taught by Reginald Bedford)