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Ken Mayo
Ken Mayo is Gwen Greenway's husband. He wrote all the lyrics for the songs on "In the Shade". He is also an actor and a musical director on several plays and is currently working on several new creative ventures.

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Lyrics samples from "In the Shade":

"We could find candlelight upon distant shores, it's really not that far Dream of a better place or vanish without a trace Let them all accept the fact, we made our choice no turning back Small wonder that we're never going home." - from 'Small Wonder'

"Why don't you tell it to my face, lines you can embrace Don't just leave me hanging around. I want to get on with my life, time for me to know the difference. " - from 'Tell it to my Face'

"Dim the lights, get a glass from the shelf Bring the wine, don't wanna be by myself I opened a bottle of my favourite year I want you, please come over here." - from 'Untouchable'

"I know this sounds like I'm lonely, it must seem like an old line. You left your hat on my doorstep, and I was hoping to find. The proper moment to call you, tell you that one more time I still miss you, and I love you and I just want you to know I'm alright...without you." - from 'Leaving it all Behind'

"Lately, whenever i get home I find no long stemmed roses fragrant with a note." "We saved, each other from ourselves Becoming sad footnotes of stories on the shelf" - from 'Memories'

"Out of the sunrise, I fell for you The veil is lifted, you come into view This is the feelin', I can hold onto Out of the sunrise, I call to you" - from 'Out of the Sunrise'