Music by Gwen

Silk Stocking
KenGwenAtTable.JPG Introducing Gwen and Ken's second CD - Silk Stockings. A thoughtful collection of vocal jazz compositions reminiscent of the days of wine and roses. Music you can dance to. The songs transport the listener to a time when romance filled the minds of lovers everywhere, a time when “swing” meant something special. These tunes convey a nostalgic sense of what it means to really be in love.

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  • Vocals: Steve Maddock
  • Piano: Miles Black
  • Bass: Rene Worst
  • Drums: Dave Robbins
  • Sax: Ross Taggart
  • Arranged By: Miles Black
  • Music: Gwen Greenway
  • Lyrics: Ken Mayo
  • All songs registered at SOCAN.
Undercover - In the Shade
undercoverCD.jpg This debut album of the Vancouver-based writing duo Undercover that is Gwen Greenway and Ken May. This album consists of 16 finely-crafted songs about the timeless themes of love and relationships. Each piece has a beautiful melody infused with a rock feel, combining elements of jazz, country, Latin, and classical music. The imagery and emotion in each tune are portrayed uniquely and performed expertly. This is a welcome addition to any CD collection.

All Music composed by Gwen Greenway
All Lyrics composed by Ken Mayo


  • Vocals: Tania Hancheroff
  • Piano: Miles Black
  • Bass: Miles Foxx Hill
  • Guitar: Robbie Steininger
  • Synthesizer: Gwen Greenway
  • Drums: Phil Robertson
  • Produced by: Gwen Greenway
  • Engineered and mixed by: Dwayne Harder
  • Mastered by: Rick Kilburn
  • Music: Gwen Greenway
  • Lyrics: Ken Mayo

Track Listing

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Please Remember Christmas
This is a gentle song of seasonal memories with a message of hope and goodwill for humanity. It features the extraordinary Vancouver vocal talents of Steve Maddock and a line-up of some of the best jazz musicians in the country including the multi-talented Miles Black on piano, Miles Foxx Hill on bass, Bernie Arai on drums, Robbie Steininger on guitar, and Steve Hilliam on sax.

This song is available for download on CD Baby

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